Sakiya Kim

The dessert that you won’t find on the menu
Sakiya Kim



About a Girl

Before you even see me, you can hear my contagious laugh from a mile away. I love being playful, radiating a carefree energy and being a kid at heart.

I grew up on a farm, so I enjoy spending my time hiking, gardening and reading about herbs that I can incorporate into the food that I cook. I’m self-motivated and thrive on taking charge of my health and spirituality.

Curious by nature, I’m an angel 99% of the time, but that 1% sometimes tips me over the edge. Let me intrigue you and be your fantasy within a fantasy.


The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

I walk across the room toward you all dolled up wearing stilettos and a dress that shows off my curves in all the right places. Heads turn as I take long strides to make my way into your arms and give you a quick kiss before we head to dinner.

Once we get seated and make a toast to the night ahead of us, the chemistry starts to build with every word exchanged. I want you to relax and pretend like only you and I exist in that moment. You can tell me as much or as little as you want, but I’ll always want to pull out your deepest desires so I can make you explode in ecstasy later.

Throughout dinner, I’ll make sneaky passes underneath the table that will make your body tingle throughout until you decide it’s time to take the dessert back to the room. Once inside of the room, we pop open a nice bottle of bubbly and indulge while we wait for the water to fill up so we can take a steamy bubble bath together.

As we settle into the bath, I lean over on all fours and slowly start to glide my tongue over yours while reaching over and beginning to stroke your throbbing cock. Once you begin to pull out just above the water, I wrap my mouth all around you and take it all in. I’ll thrust you around like a lollipop and take your dick on a carnival ride before you even go inside of me.

After we dry ourselves off and make our way to the bed, I’ll ask if you want me to slip into something else. I like to bring a change of outfits to make your role-playing fantasies a reality. Whether you want to spend the night with an innocent schoolgirl or a famous K-pop star, I’m here for it all. I’m a people pleaser so I love it when you take advantage of me and explore what you couldn’t do with any other woman. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination…


Please note that cleanliness and grooming are very important to me when we meet.

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